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Qarik deepens its collaboration with Google Cloud to accelerate generative AI adoption

New York, NY – May 8, 2024 – Qarik Group, a leading Google Cloud solutions provider, today announced it is deepening its alliance with Google Cloud to bring Generative AI capabilities to Enterprise customers across North America.

Qarik is already leveraging Google Cloud’s AI capabilities and large language models (LLMs) to develop industry-leading solutions that help customers be more effective and efficient. Combining Qarik’s deep expertise in platform engineering and data platforms with its Generative AI solutions will help maximize Generative AI’s potential for customers in industries such as healthcare, retail, Financial Services, and more.

“Google Cloud has been committed to helping businesses transform with AI and ML technology,” says Dan Barrett, Chief Revenue Officer at Qarik. “Google Cloud’s continued focus on democratizing the power of Data and AI was the highlight at Next with an abundance of new GenAI announcements. Qarik’s investments are keenly focused on embedding our teams to enable and empower enterprises to harness the power of GenAI through the use of Google Cloud services such as the Vertex AI platform.”

This announcement follows the launch of Qarik’s new Generative AI accelerator: Automated Intelligence. Automated Intelligence enables organizations to quickly explore, prove, and utilize the power of GenAI for their specific business in weeks and scale these capabilities into production in months. Qarik has built a reusable code base leveraging cutting-edge models and tooling to help companies accelerate the value they get from unstructured data in an accurate, scalable, and safe way.

About Qarik

Qarik Group is a multinational Google Cloud Premier Partner, across multiple products and engagement models, on a mission to advance enterprise customers further and faster along their modernization journey. Our team of Xooglers, Wall Street veterans, and world-class delivery experts embed directly into client teams to help accelerate Cloud Native practices and achieve success.

Qarik works with customers across industries to support their Data, Platform, and GenAi modernization to achieve better business outcomes—faster time to market, engineering productivity, and increased capabilities.



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