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Qarik engineers bring decades of experience in infrastructure modernization and cloud operations to ensure you get further, faster.

Cloud Transformation& Application Migration

Get the full benefit of your Cloud transformation with strong foundations, a sustainable operating model and proven accelerators to migrate your infrastructure to a cloud-native environment. 

Key Components

Cloud Foundations & Security

Get the foundations right from the start to help your teams scale faster and more securely.

Engineering Operations and SRE

Fully leverage the cloud with a modern engineering and observability operating model.

Infrastructure Modernization

Feel confident in your end-state infrastructure with experienced architects who specialize in replatforming.

Migration Acceleration

Leverage Qarik’s experience to quickly build momentum and ensure your engineers build the necessary capabilities along the way with proven acceleration practices.

Migrate your Pivotal Cloud Foundry Platform to Kubernetes with ease and expertise

Why It Matters

There are four key reasons we put so much emphasis on cloud transformation and application modernization

It provides secure and stable foundations to build upon

It reduces costs and increases FinOps visibility

It enables fast and frequent changes

It reduces toil for engineers

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