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Generative AI


Accuracy Benchmark

Aim for 80-95% accuracy with a plan to achieve 95%+


Business and Technical Viability Assessment of Use Case Observations that account for People, Process, and Tooling to ensure we are looking at a use case holistically in preparation for scale


Implementation Roadmap
Recommended high-level future goals and prioritized backlog

AutomatedIntelligenceBy Qarik AI

Using open source code and proprietary know-how, tooling, and frameworks, Qarik has developed a GenAI accelerator, Automated Intelligence. Automated Intelligence enables organizations to quickly explore, prove, and utilize the power of GenAI for their specific business in weeks, and scale these capabilities into production in months. Qarik has built a reusable code base leveraging cutting-edge models and tooling to help companies accelerate the value they get from unstructured data in an accurate, scalable, and safe way.

Successful Projects Include

Sponsorship inside your organization

A defined use case that can generate significant value

Unstructured Data documents and the ability to move it to a Cloud Storage bucket

A Client Team you can dedicate to the project

Our accelerator can prove accuracy viability within 4-6 weeks

Qariks GenAIApproach


Qarik works hand-in-hand with key stakeholders to craft and execute discovery sessions that will help your organization

Understand the use case within your organizational context


Understand where to start your GenAI journey


Design key metrics to understand the potential ROI


Build a roadmap spanning from concept, to pilot, to production and adoption


Qarik teams work shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams to deploy the Automated Intelligence accelerator and start proving your GenAI use cases in your desired environments. Along the way we coach your teams, make recommendations, and implement changes to the system, including security, workflow, automation, etc. Through this process, we are able to not only provide expertise, but also enable your teams to achieve sustainable future growth and success.


Qarik brings expertise in change management and production rollout to build sustainable momentum as users adopt and expand your GenAI solutions, integrate their feedback, and help to make the GenAI platform a success, while continuing to scale your capabilities.

10x Impact

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