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Building Robust and Cost-Effective AI Solutions for Business Needs

Updated: Apr 30

"All of the good principles of software engineering and traditional AI methods – For Qarik to be able to deploy solutions and build solutions for our customers faster, we built what we call Qarik’s Automated Intelligence Accelerator."

In our recent interview with TFiR, Roman Kharkovski, Platform Architect at Qarik, discusses the strategic alignment of AI with business needs, the essentials of robust AI development, and the effective implementation of AI from co-pilot to autopilot. He also shares Qarik's customer-centric approach to deploying scalable and cost-effective AI solutions.

Key highlights include:

  • Tailored AI Solutions: Qarik's collaboration with customers to customize AI applications.

  • Phased Implementation: The "crawl-walk-run" strategy ensures smooth integration and scalability.

  • Cost Efficiency: Innovations in AI that reduce costs while enhancing business processes.



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