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Multinational Investment Bank& Financial Services Company

Strategic Challenge

An aging, on-premises infrastructure prevented our client from introducing new products and services with agility, resulting in “go to market” delays, loss of competitive advantage, and increased cost.

Meanwhile, the costs of keeping its legacy IT up and running continued to rise, delaying the bank from reallocating investments to innovation in other areas. The bank needed to rethink its IT infrastructure to set itself apart from competitors and provide clients with the modern digital services they required and deserved.

The bank had an immediate need to embrace an emerging blockchain technology and drive innovation. It recognized the need for a new IT strategy to keep up with ever-evolving client needs and a flexible, cost-effective cloud-based IT infrastructure that aligned with their strategic ambitions, while positioning them as a digital leader.

The Process

We were engaged as a trusted partner with the expertise and experience in Google Cloud and blockchain technology to accelerate the transformation for the new Cloud product.


Secure cloud architecture and on-premise connectivity with accelerated delivery.


Blockchain technology development and migration to Google Kubernetes Engine

Our unique value proposition as a Google Premier Partner and our strong relationships internally with Google helped us embrace and execute on our company mantra “Go further, faster” and quickly deliver a secure, scalable Cloud architecture with on-premise connectivity.

Our blockchain technology and Kubernetes experts quickly adapted the existing solution to operate effectively within the Cloud and achieve the benefits of Kubernetes from traditional compute.

In parallel, our account management team helped senior leadership understand the journey and culture changes to set the bank up for success, while our security architects ensured the cloud architecture and security controls exceeded all governance, risk and compliance requirements at the bank to move to a production model.

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