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Telematics Platform on GCP
Strategic Challenge

Ideanomics wanted to rapidly capitalize on a new strategic partnership with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by creating a new GCP-based platform that would enable all Ideanomics Operating Companies, acting somewhat independently, a common platform for ingesting, analyzing, and making decisions from data.

The Process

Qarik partnered with the Ideanomics teams with both hands-on technical and advisory services to validate and implement new GCP environments meant to handle extensive volumes of telematics data.

The Results

Qarik has proven to be an exceptional partner to us, not just for bringing their deep GCP knowledge and engineering skills, but for their customer centricity. Throughout our partnership, Qarik was an extension of our own team, working shoulder-to-shoulder with us to navigate through key decisions and pivots. They took the time to truly understand our business, not just our technical requirements, which enabled them to significantly influence the realization of our strategic goals. Together, we are building a scalable, secure telematics and energy platform which is set to drive new value for our customers and boost revenue in 2023.

Nigel Walker

VP IT, Software and Telematics, Ideanomics

About Ideanomics

Headquartered in New York, Ideanomics is a global group with a simple mission: to accelerate the commercial adoption of electric vehicles. They believe that the key to doing this is to provide commercial EV buyers with the products and services, support, and experience they need to make the transition to EV successfully. Ideanomics tailor their deliverables to the specific needs and desires of our customers. Whatever the mix of products, services, technology, energy supply, infrastructure, and financing best suits their customer’s objectives, they strive to be the turnkey partner for commercial electrification worldwide. From transit and ports, to package delivery, Ideanomics is here to make EV feel like the natural successor in the commercial sector.

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