We Solve

Business Problems.

Our mission is to engineer value by simplifying the complicated, the messy, and the broken.

Why Qarik?


Our most senior talent is also our most accessible talent. We have flattened our structure and destroyed the traditional model.


At the risk of sounding immodest, we have assembled a small, elite, team of the world’s best talent in our space.


We work closely with our clients to solve problems. We do not deliver recommendations. We deliver useful solutions. And we are there, every step of the way, to drive enterprise value and achieve performance objectives.


How we work



Problem solving is a journey and we are with our clients every step of the way.

Understand the business

We start by understanding your business and your goals, whether they be saving meaningful costs, generating new revenue, mitigating risks or some combination of all three. We then collaboratively build clear and measurable success criteria.​

Assess where we stand

Gather enough data to understand how you are performing against your stated business goals. Identify if you are operating at the right degree of agility and speed. Assess if the systems involved are sufficiently hardened and adaptable to meet the business needs and cyber threats of today and tomorrow.


Develop a roadmap

We develop a sensible roadmap for success engaging both business and technology stakeholders to validate the plan. We will always tell you the truth as we see it, even if the truth is hard to hear.


We deploy a small, elite team to get it done. In service engagements, we use agile delivery and strive for physical co-location with your teams where prudent. We stay focused on the end goal throughout the process. In reselling engagements, we ensure you have access to our top notch engineering teams no matter where your teams are, and that we are helping provide meaningful context to the underlying providers.



How we think

Qarik Group is a technology consulting firm focused on bringing senior level expertise
to partners with senior level management and boards to solve big business problems
using the power of Machine Learning. We will always deliver our best answer to your
problem. You decide if that is the approach that works best for you.

Begin with the end in mind

We're in this together

An elite team

The right tools for the job

Our team

We are a group of former Google Cloud engineers and leaders backed by an
engineering team located in Belfast, N. Ireland.

We have deep knowledge of how data can and should be structured, the ability to
tap into that data for unique insights and the understanding of machine learning to
automate the process going forward. We also know how to build robust infrastructure
systems at scale. We apply a sense of urgency and deliver a level of expertise that
is unparalleled in the field.

Qarik NYC

Joe Schenk

Managing Partner

Former Jefferies CFO, Carlyle Senior Advisor, and First New York CEO

Brian Squibb


Former Google Head of Cloud Customer Engineering team for US Select Financial Services and Northeast markets

Eddie Pugmire

Managing Director

Former Google Cloud Customer Engineer
covering large hedge funds in NYC

Gavan Corr

Managing Partner

Former Principal for Google
Cloud Financial Services

Justin Hartung


Former Google Head of Cloud Customer
Engineering, for US Northcentral market

Sean Earley

Managing Director

Former Google Cloud Customer Engineer
covering media, adTech, and agency
clients in NYC

Corrie Elston


Former Goldman Sachs Tech Fellow
and Google Cloud Financial Services CTO


John Forstrom


Former Google Head of Strategic Media and Entertainment Clients US West

Qarik Belfast

Glenn Russell


Former State Street and IBM Solutions Architect and Managing Director

We Tell

Hard Truths.

This isn’t a given. Nor is this a small thing. Internal teams often tell decision makers what they want to hear. We don’t do that. We tell the truth, even when it’s a hard  truth. We separate the signal from the noise. Achieve clarity. Design solutions. And execute change.


Problems we've solved


Turbo charge development in a bank.


Unsticking the sprawl in data supply chains.


Official Partners


Qarik Group LLC
888 7th Ave New York, NY 10106