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Founded in 2019, Qarik is a Digital Transformation Specialist with a difference. We have technical expertise, experience and insight to modernize business processes and transform operating models. To that we add the business acumen and motivated urgency of Wall Street.

It’s a combination that powers our clients’ progress further, faster.

Who We Are

  • Senior tech specialists
  • Heavyweight business leaders
  • Highly connected across finance and technology
  • 40+ employees in New York and Belfast

New York

  • Former Google Cloud Customer Engineers and Architects with hands-on experience
  • Former Wall Street investment bank CFO
  • Deep relationships with Google Cloud sales, product and engineering
  • High-level understanding of business critical issues


  • Experienced SWEs, DevOps Eng, UX & UI Eng and Data Scientists
  • Belfast is fast becoming one of the UK's hottest new technology hubs

What We Do

We help companies Transform and Modernise to power growth and drive efficiency. Our business insight and domain knowledge reveals real-world advantage. Our technical Expertise and Experience innovates strategy-led solutions. By implementing both alongside our clients’ internal teams we deliver sustainable change that is both secure and compliant.

Proven across sectors and territories

Use Case

Global Reservation Platform


Started cloud modernization and transformation but was not satisfied with the progress or outcomes.


We re-energized and accelerated developer platform and CICD pipelines along with infusing rigor, focus and excitement to modernize culture. Resulted in accelerated cloud transformation and increased adoption amongst 4000+ internal engineers.


Use Case

International Business Data & Insights Organization


Legacy data management systems required complete modernization.


We re-platformed their entire data ingestion and management process, which enabled faster product development and deployment.


Use Case

American National Consumer & Comercial Bank


New cloud-based, multi-product development platform required.


We designed and built a fully secure, compliant and user-friendly platform to accommodate the leading cloud providers via Kubernetes.


It's not just what you change that matters, it's how

Genuine transformation - change that delivers lasting benefit - requires buy-in from everyone in an organisation. And that requires a deft touch from experienced change management experts and proven trusted advisors.

Newton Process

Newton is our User centric process and playbook. It drives projects forward at maximum velocity and with granular precision. Speed and accuracy combine to give our clients a genuine competitive advantage.

Newton Process

Newton Process deliverables

Which then enables

  • Increased speed and agility
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Reduced total cost by achieving higher productivity per individual employee
  • Controlled and audited foundation
  • Seamless continuous build experience
  • Fast spin up of new initiatives
  • Safe environment to break down silos
  • Opportunities for teams to re-tool themselves and develop new habits

Transformation is a journey, not a destination

Digital transformation never stops. It’s the constant pursuit of improvement and business advantage. What we do identifies our clients’ potential, shows them the way forward and gives them the skills, technology and inspiration needed to sustain that positive momentum.


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