Turbo charge development in a bank.

Business context and problem:

A major bank wanted to rapidly bring a cross institution blockchain application to market, but couldn’t move at the speed they wanted to. Their application was complex, had a lot of dependencies, and was deployed in an expensive on-premises provider. Developers spent a lot of their time providing care and feeding for their environments instead of adding new features / functionality to the system.

What we did:

Parachuted in an elite team to assess the situation. We then partnered with Google to develop an architecture that could securely and cost effectively scale to thousands of connected firms and worked shoulder to shoulder with the client engineering and business teams to build out the solution.

What this meant:

Our client was able to securely, quickly, and cost-effectively stamp out non-production environments for internal developers, stress testing, and prospective new institutions. We also provided a pathway to production in the cloud for the system, which will eventually lead to larger system capacity, lower operational costs, and the ability to increase application capabilities by taking advantage of cloud-native analytics and ML capabilities.

Skills we used:

Cloud Architecture, Kubernetes, large scale and cross-firm networking, security, infrastructure engineering (terraform), software engineering.